Thursday, July 23, 2009

<< Busy-Busy-Busy !! >>

It has been a while since I last wrote here, for which I apologise now. I have been busy remaking the early English lesson videos and I'm still doing it as I write this post. So far I have remade lesson 2 and lesson 3. Right now I'm working on the new lesson 4. After that there will be only 4 more remakes to produce. I was very surprised to see that my blog now has quite a few new followers. So I would like to say hi to all those of you who have decided to keep in touch with my blog.

This weekend I will be going to see some of my online students who are coming all the way to England from South Korea. We will be all meeting up in a beautiful place called Stratford Upon Avon, which also happens to be the birthplace of William Shakespeare. Of course they are not just coming here to see me. They will also be taking in the sights and sounds of London and Oxford. They told me that they are very excited about the trip and I can understand this feeling, as travelling is a really exciting thing to do-especially when it is over a long distance. In English we say that travel broadens the mind and I think this is true.

I will be taking my video equipment with me and their teacher has given me permission to make a short video of our meeting, so look out for that on my YouTube channel. 8-))

Look out for the updates on my Youtube Channel and right here !

Thank you for following my Blog.

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Quy (Vietnam) said...

Hi Misterduncan, this is Quy from Vietnam (I hope you still remember me, though I totally understand if you don't ;-)). Great to hear from you from the blog!

The Korean guys are so lucky...I hope I'll go to Wolverhampton to see you one day, too.

This September I'm going to London. So the day to Wolverhampton may not be long. Will you be willing to meet me? :-)

Cristina said...

Only few people know probably your blog. I think it's useful to know more about "backstage" and so on :)

Ully said...

Hello Mr.Duncan
I saw your "Korean video" and it's lovely.
i want to say I felt good envy them because I'd like to be in this place too and meet you....
Someday..... Who knows.....
Lots of love