Sunday, June 28, 2009

(( The Next Stage For Mr Steve ))

This has been quite a memorable week in many ways, not least of all because of Mr Steve finally getting his chance to shine on the big stage. All this week he has been appearing in Bilston Operatic Society's production of 'The King And I'. He played the part of the Kralahome, the prime minister and personal assistant to to King. The part was not big but it gave Steve quite a good opportunity to shine with some very dramatic moments, such as his anger at Anna for breaking the king's spirit and the King's death scene, which gave Steve a chance to express his devastation upon the King's demise.

This is a very exciting time for Steve because after 3 years of amateur performing he has made his next step up the ladder by treading the boards at a legitimate theatre (The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton). Despite Bilston Operatic Society being an amateur company, they are highly respected for their professional approach and polished productions. Last year I was lucky enough to see their production of 'Me and my girl', which completely blew me away, with its overall production quality and the professional performances from the actors. Steve joined the company earlier this year and was lucky enough to be offered a role in their latest production.

There were seven performances over this week, including two matinees (Afternoon Shows). I attended three of the shows and was at the final performance last night. The local newspapers had given the show some good publicity, with Steve's half-naked body being shown in the local newspaper. The reviews were very favourable and one critic wrote that the show 'blurred the line between amateur and professional theatre, which is quite a compliment indeed.

I was able to go along to the after performance party and gush my praise to the various cast members, which I'm sure was quite embarrassing for them, but gush I did! I believe that credit and praise should be given where it is due and in the case of this production, the compliments were certainly valid and well deserved.

I admire anyone who can do this type of art form. The mere thought of going onto a stage and having to remember lots of lines and dialogue fills me with horror. Needless to say I have never acted on stage in my life. I can perform well, if I have the control, but it would be impossible for me to stick to a tight format or lines written by another person. This is probably why I insist on having full control of my English lesson videos. The thing I imagine is the same thing that is created. This control is important to me.

It has been a week of sadness and joy and for Mr Steve it marked another step up the ladder of dreams. Where this will take him next...only fate can tell.

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Cristina said...

Best wishes for your career Mr Steve!

Ully said...

to Mr Steve.........
Hello Mr Steve. That's so exciting! Congratulations on your acting.

blogyourlife said...

Hellow. I viewed your Youtube's video English lessons. You're a very funny guy. I could smile after watching your video source.
I hope so that I will be well- educated by your lesson. I wish I could share my thoughs in English.
In 50 lesson I could catch your hight. You're much taller than me. But my dream is not like my inches.Ta-Ta from now... ^^;;