Monday, August 3, 2009

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Saturday 25th July 2009 was a very special day for me, as it was the day I met my online students from South Korea in Stratford Upon Avon. Of course they had not only come to the UK to see me, they also visited many other places too and no doubt had many other interesting experiences as well. It is worth noting that Stratford Upon Avon happens to be the birthplace of the playwright William Shakespeare, so it seemed like an apt place to get together.

It just so happened that the day we met was also the day when a big music festival was being held in the town so the railway station was a little crowded and chaotic due to all of the concertgoers arriving by train, but I managed to spot my little group as they walked from the platform and was successful in capturing their surprise at seeing me, complete with camera and of course Mr Steve, who was there to help with the arrangements. (and supplying the ice cream)

There were seven students in all, a chaperon and Miss Demi, their teacher. I had spoken to Demi a while ago and she mentioned the fact that she was planning to visit the UK and asked if would it be OK for us to meet up. Of course during my time in China I had met hundreds of students and teachers, while visiting city and rural schools around the Inner Mongolia region, but this was the first time that I had met any online students here in the UK. Needless to say, the prospect was quite an exciting one for all concerned.

Our time together was short and at first the children seemed a little disoriented, but over time we chatted and by the end of the afternoon we were all having a good time. Ice cream was eaten, which pleased me more than the kids it seemed! We only filmed a small part of our time as I wanted to find out more about my visitors. However I did film a short introduction from each student and Miss Demi also made a heart-felt and passionate speech to camera, clearly expressing her delight and excitement.

There was one strange moment when one of the students told me that she thought she had caught Swine Flu and was told that most people in the UK now had it, but I assured here that the virus had not become that serious yet, which seemed to calm her down. I was told Miss Demi that one of the boys is a famous child actor in South Korea and that he has appeared in many TV plays there.

In total we spend just over 4 hours together and the time went by very quickly. We managed to take a look at Shakespeare's birthplace before it was time for Demi and her class to depart for their journey back to London.

It was a sad moment when it came to saying goodbye and I felt as if the afternoon had been a pleasant one for all concerned. It was clear to me that Demi enjoyed her role as teacher and it was very nice to meet a person who showed such great dedication to both her many students and her profession.

How was the day for you Misterduncan? For me it was a great experience to meet some of the people who watch my video lessons from so very far away.

Would you do it again? .... Sure why not?



The Dreamy Girl said... they are lucky !! i am green with envy !!i wish i can meet you some day sir . I love you so much and i love your english too, you know sir although i am an arabian girl , my pronunciation of english is very good cuz i imitate you and always listen to your videos.
your daughter,
the dreamy girl

Ully said...

...Congratulations Mr.Duncan and best wishes go to you for your kindness in organize the meeting with those students. They seems really comfortable in Stratfor-upon-avons. Lovely!!

Irina said...

Dear Duncan!
I am very sorry, I couldn’t tell you “Happy birthday” on 12 th August.
I am sure that you had a great day with congratulations from your numerous friends, students and fans from many-many countries.:)
I am very glad that one day I found your lessons in the Internet, that I discovered so talented teacher with his own way of teaching and that I met so interesting and charismatic person as you.
I’d like to wish you a lot of new ideas in your creative work!!!

I had a lot of changes these days. I finally received an invitation from the hospital in Thessalonica for specialization and I moved in Greece straight away.
I have nothing at my home: no TV, no telephone, no Internet (!!!), that’s why it was difficult to sent you this message on time. I hope you’ll excuse me for the delay :)
Take care!
From Irina :)

Dave said...

Your video clips are very interesting and inspiring.