Thursday, November 27, 2008

(( The Wider Picture ))

Perhaps you are a regular viewer of my videos and maybe you have been watching them recently. Then I'm sure you have noticed the big change that has happened on the Youtube site. I'm talking about the size of the screen, or to use the technical term, the 'aspect' of it. From now on the video player has the capability to show full 16 by 9 definition videos, or as we more commonly say 'widescreen format'. This gives a much better viewing angle for the eyes and is in fact more natural for our angle or field of vision.

This is all very exciting for people who upload widescreen videos to the site but there has been a rather large amount of complaints made already to the Youtube bosses from the site users. It would be true to say that most of the videos now on Youtube are in the old fashioned 4:3 aspect, which looks more square and this has angered a lot of people because they feel that the small square video looks 'lost' inside the wide black box.

Personally I welcome the change and I have already uploaded my first full 16:9 video. Also my next lesson, which will be lesson 42 will also be in full 16:9 definition. You will see a big change in the way my lessons look from now on. One big difference will be that the subtitles will now be inside the video itself, instead of underneath in the black line at the bottom. This is because the black lines will not be there anymore. It will be a full screen. It will be interesting to see how my lessons look in this new format.

Lesson 42 will be on soon. So until then, take care and....

Ta-ta for now!



truant said...

I like widescreen format video so much!
looking forward your new lesson!
and thank you for your work!

سیما said...

thanks alot misterduncan for your learning videos .
I'm a iranian student but I live in Italy ,I always tried to find a way for learning better English,but now I'm very very very happy because I've found you .
your method is unique.

سیما said...

Excuse me ,this is my name and also my blogger account : sima[سیما]

Miklós said...

Hi Mr. Duncan!

Am I okey? You hope so! Am I happy? You hope so!

I make a suggestion for a new topic: etymology. I would watch a perfect video about the derivation of some interesting words, such as
okey < akin OK < maybe from 'All Korrect'.

I like the folk-etymology also, but I don't know any in English only in Hungarian.

Skalkaz from Budapest

Anonymous said...

Dear Misterduncon,
I would like to thank you for your very good English teaching.
I wish you all the best
sincerely yours

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr.Duncan! Thank you for your great job! It's very very useful for me and for many other peoples in the whole world!

With best regards,
Sergey, Russia, Moscow

Anonymous said...

hi, mr duncan. you have to see he english course of CQC.

you help me to learn english and i show ideas for your videos. But be carefull, the job of Mr jones is very dangerous.

Thanks for all. eres un fenómeno¡
P.Miguel, ALbacete spain. near from murcia and our friend chema

Anonymous said...

Hello Misterduncan, I am Pedro from Murcia, I am learning a lot with your classes, you are great!!!
But let me give one advice: be humble!!! Thank for your work.