Sunday, November 23, 2008

(( Chop-Chop-Snip Snip !! ))

So this weekend did not go as planned. My friends who were coming down here sadly had to cancel due to ill health, but all was not lost because I was busy doing something which I had started last Thursday. I like to call it 'Project re-edit'. I decided to go back and re-edit all the lessons that I was unhappy with and there were quite a few. For various reasons I was not completely happy with the outcome of 13 of my video lessons. One main reason was that they were not in high quality. As you may know, youtube now allows you to watch videos in high quality, but they must be uploaded in mp2 format, which has a larger file size and better resolution. Many of my earlier videos were not in this format. So this was a good chance to put that right.

There were also some small mistakes in the subtitles that I wanted to put right, so I did that too.

In just two days I managed to re-edit 13 videos and upload them back onto my Youtube channel. It was quite a lot of work and my eyes felt as if they were going to pop out from my sockets, but I managed to get it all done.

To be honest I would class myself as a perfectionist and I really hate getting things wrong. But of course making mistakes is a big part of being human, so we must accept it. I would consider this work was needed and I feel satisfied now that it has been done. If you look at my Youtube channel, you will see that I have put some of the re-edits in the favorites box.

So I can now rest my poor sore eyes and think about lesson 42 again. Then it is back to editing and hopefully a new lesson will be on my channel before Friday (28th Nov).

Take care and ta-ta for now!



truant said...

well. your aritcle was really very pellucid.thanks so much.
i will re-watch your former video then.

ruben said...

thanks seƱor Duncan, you are doing a wonderful job. bye bye for now!

englishiscool said...

Ok, Mr Duncan. I am an English teacher in Spain and I am using some of your videos, my students love them! I guess that´s the reason why I can´t watch some of them.