Tuesday, December 16, 2008

(( BYE-BYE 2008 !! ))

So here we are in December with another year dragging behind us noisily like a broken exhaust pipe. I always feel restless at this time of the year because I just want the year to be over so we can get on with the new one. The feeling I get from opening a brand new diary at Jan 1st, gives me alot of satisfaction. This is due the the feeling of another adventure in this thing we call life beginning again from scratch. Don't get me wrong, I have had a great year and 2008 has offered me many new projects with which to keep myself busy.

My English lessons are still going strong and I have just uploaded my latest, which is about superstition. To be honest I'm fascinated by all aspects of human behaviour, both good and bad. The extremes to which a person will go to satisfy their need or to gain so-called 'happiness' never fails to intrigue me. Superstition is a kind of pillow on which to rest all of our fears and concerns. They give a kind of logic to everything, while using very illogical ways of thinking.

In my lesson I also mention that superstition and religion are not the same. This is because the religious belief goes much deeper and is much more vivid to the believer. Also faith exists in many other places to. Having faith in your self and believing in your potential can have a very strong effect on us all....if we choose to follow it. Personally I find all beliefs interesting and even superstition holds a certain amount of my interest. Although I don't really believe in it myself.

So the holidays are approaching and many western countries will be celebrating Christmas, including Europe and the USA, which are both in the grips of an economic recession, which does not seem to be dampening the eagerness of those who will be celebrating. Around the area where I live, many of my neighbours have strung twinkling lights on the front of their houses and it really does cheer one up during a night-time stroll. Clearly many people are determined not to let a small thing like a global money crisis affect their enjoyment during this festive time.

I look forward to 2009 and continuing with my English classes and I look forward to taking up any challenges that may come my way. As I always say;

"If it does not kill me, then it can only make me stronger."

I would like to wish you a happy and peaceful end to 2008 and have a great 2009 and may each one of your days be filled with laughter and smiles. 8-))




brilliant anne said...

especially I like chtistmas season.
happy holiday, duncan! :)

Ebtisam said...

Hi mr. duncan
How are you today ??
Are you ok ??
I hope so ..
Are you happy ??
I hope so ..

I love your sentences
It makes me smiling and happy

your lessons is very useful and the same time funny

Thank you Mr. duncan very much for teaching us

Bye bye for now

qj246 said...

Mister duncan, I hope everything goes well with you in 2009 and the years ahead. I love your sense of humour integrated in your fascinating lessons. I'm also a teacher of English, from Vietnam. Hope one day you can come here in Hanoi, the capital city, and I'm willing to be your tourguide :-)Happy holidays!

PQD said...

Test replay

happy 2k9 to all