Tuesday, October 21, 2008

(( Monkey Business ))

Autumn is supposedly just around the corner here in the UK, but from where I'm sitting now, it has already arrived. Looking out from my studio window I can clearly see that many of the leaves on the trees are already turning into stunning shades of red and gold. Apparently because we had such a wet Summer, we are now enjoying a spectacular colour show from mother nature herself! I quite like Autumn as a season because of the very apparent transition between all that has lived and flourished during the warm season and the gradual winding down before Winter sets in. Of course this season is really the reverse of Spring, when everything come to life after the bleakness of Winter has done its worst and faded away.

So lesson 39 is now on my Youtube channel and I decided to make this one all about money. Of course this is quite a big subject to discuss, as it covers so many aspect of our existence. My aim was to cover as many key parts of the subject as possible. I'm not entirely sure how well I did with it. As usual my online viewers and students will have the last say on that. I thought that I should do it as a complete overview, starting from the earliest use of money, right up to the current financial crisis facing many of us now. This lesson has turned out to be the longest in length, at just under fifteen minutes, which caused me a little worry as I thought it may be too long. The average video lesson length is around eight minutes, which seemed to be the ideal time, so as not to send anyone to sleep. My other plan was to make the lesson in two parts, but I decided to go against that because it slows down the flow of the lessons. I like each new lesson to be about a completely different subject.

You will also notice that lesson 39 has a new face at the start of it. The young man introducing the lesson is my very good friend Zhang Wei. He lives in China and we have been friends for over two and a half years. We met while I was working in his hometown of Baotou, which is in the north-east of China. He has a great passion for English and life, which I really admire.

I must end here because the Squirrels in my back garden are hungry and they are desperately searching for nuts. So I will go and put some out for them. You will see one of my furry little friends at the end of my latest lesson (39). I thought he looked like a person counting their big pile of money, with the nuts representing money! ;-)

Take care until next time....




The English Cafe said...

Mr Duncan, thanks a lot for your excellent work. The videos are really useful for my students.

Miss S. from Austria - Englishteacher

kiko said...

hi misterduncan, how are you today. are you oky i hope so . my name's mr. karem . i'm an english teacher . i'm from egypt . and i would like to say that you're an excellent teacher thank you so much for your video lessons on utube really i benefited from your lessons thanks alot again

anna said...

Hello, my most favourite teacher of English!(and believe me, I've had them quite many in my life:))
you are becoming more and more professional from one lesson to another one. I'm so impressed, especially that you perform for free whereas it must take you much time to prepare. I don't have to assure you that many people throughout the whole worlf benefit from your lessons; even I myself advertise your lessons to my friends, who watch you on regular basis although don't comment on youtube.
thanks a lot for latest lesson on money and banking.it was very useful for me as I work in a bank.believe me, it wasn't to long.quite differently, other lessons are tooshort:))I am always looking forward to them and as they eventually appear the time spent with you goes away so quickly:)
The only thing I 'd like to ask you generally is - if it's possible of course - to give the exact meanings of the words or phrases which are commonly used (in everyday language I'suppose) and which you use in your lessons. I'm afraid I sometimes don't catch their proper meaning.
and of course I'd be extremely happy if you replied to me whoich is still my unfulfilled secret dream:)) - just joking of course, or maybe not?
sorry for mistakes but - as they say - who doesn't write, he doesn't make mistakes, right?
so, bye bye for now
Anna from Warsaw