Thursday, October 30, 2008

( 2006 - 2008 )

What an amazing age we are living in right now. With all of the great technological leaps forward we have achieved during the past twenty years, we now have the ability to communicate with each other in a way that would have at one time, seemed like science-fiction. There can be no doubt that the Internet has changed our lives and I can confidently say for sure that it has changed mine!

Back in October 2006, while still working in China, I discovered by chance a video sharing site called Youtube. Little did I know that this site would change my life for ever. Way back then I had not used video all that much as a medium. My main interest before then was photography and I had taken many shots during my time in China of the City where I lived and the people who make up the population there. However there was always something missing from these photos and that was the atmosphere from all the sounds. I thought how wonderful it would be to capture and share the hustle and bustle of a busy street and the sounds made on them. From the moment I discovered Youtube, I decided to have a go at making videos about the unusual place in which I was living.

The main problem I had was that my camera was not designed to take high quality video footage, but it did the job, albeit in a semi-blurred and jittery way. I managed to film a few scenes in the street and I even did some 'to camera' shots where I talked directly to the camera, trying to describe the surroundings as best I could. At first I felt awkward and nervous in front of the camera, but over time I built up my confidence and managed to relax a little more while filming.

I had the idea of making English teaching videos during December 2006 and although my early efforts were a little stale and cardboard-like, I managed to get my message across much better than I had imagined. Some of my early lessons are still on my Youtube channel.

I have had a few messages from people asking about the creation of the name of my production title, 'Hat for rent productions'. People often ask where the name comes from. To be honest at the time it just seemed like a fun title and was a completely random idea. However I did like the name and so I kept it and still use it to this very day.

Probably one of the most talked about issues surrounding my videos must be my own name. I have had people asking me why I use 'Misterduncan' as my name and why I spell it the way I do. During my time in China, I was always addressed as Mr Duncan everywhere I went, so the name stuck with me. However I thought it should look more like a complete name and so I took the decision to write the 'Mr' part as a complete word. So 'Misterduncan' was born! I have no intention of changing it, despite some people becoming quite abusive towards me over it.

This week I posted Lesson 40 onto my Youtube channel. It seems as if I have reached a small landmark with my video producing. I have managed to teach myself how to edit and produce all my videos and I take a great deal of satisfaction from filming and editing them. I had my two millionth video viewer last week and my channel view figure has just reached one hundred thousand. These events certainly give me a great deal of encouragement, but the one thing I appreciate more than anything is the direct feedback from my online viewers. As I have said before in the past, I really DO read all the messages and comments from everyone and where possible I do reply to them. Right now I'm preparing Lesson 41 and from where I'm sitting now, I can safely say that there will be many many more lessons to come.



Anonymous said...

hello Mr Duncan
nice blog from nice person
best greeting from me to you
good job, keep going

jenniferjim914 said...

Hi Mr Duncan,

Hope you are well~ I'm Jennifer, from Hong Kong! Have you traveling in HK?

Tonight, I just visit your lesson for the 1st time, but I already love to watching you! You make me feeling happy as you are a "Funny" teacher & very "Handsome"! And let me able to learn more English! As so, I loving you & I will keep watching your video!

I hv the one stupid question to asking you, I can't understand why need to put the "for" between "bye for now", don't only use "bye now"?

Waiting for your reply & Have a great day!

Bye for now!

Best regards,

ahn said...

hello mr duncan,how are you? im ahn from korea! have u ever been travel in korea? for the 1st time when i visit ur lesson i really love it i learn alot of words that i never learnd before good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Dunkan,
I just have found your videos. Thank you very much for it. They are very interesting.

truant said...

hi misterduncan, i have watched your video for months, and it's very interesting! i love it!
thank you
have a good day!

Marianna said...

Hi Mr Duncan!

I have found your tips and videos very useful...

Thank you because I can see from the way you approach your work that you really care... that you really look after our improvements.

I will come to visit you again and again..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Duncan!
I'm a German tutor for English and I love your videos on youtube and use them for my classes, too. Now I have to say thank you, not only for doing such a brilliant job at teaching but also for all the effort and passion you put into the producing of those lovely and highly entertaining vids! Hope you keep up the good work!
Greetings from Germany,


Yoavyy said...

Hello Misterduncan,

My name is Yoav; I work at a company that provides English learning solutions to schools.

I would be happy if we could get in contact

Have a great day,


Ewaniek said...

Hello Mr Duncan,
I've just discovered your great lessons on YouTube! I am a Polish teacher of English :-) and I find your tips, comments and instructions extremely useful! Thank you ever so much and please... do not stop! :-)
Greetings from Gliwice, Poland.


vikas kakkar said...

Dear Duncan ,

This is vikas from india. I have gone through you video. After seeing you video i found that my school teacher was also teaching in same way . I also think that this is a very good way to teach english with example. Any any understanding make more with example.


masoudrabeti said...

Hi Mr Duncan
I really enjoy for your teaching
You are the best one
I have a question:
is it possible to remove your movies subtitle?
M. Rabeti (Iranian)