Friday, October 10, 2008

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Well it has been a busy few days again, working on the latest English lesson video and trying to get it onto my channel before 7th October. Sadly I did not succeed and ended up posting it a day late. I have become aware that it takes much more effort to produce one lesson now than in the past. I now split the filming over two days and the editing process over a five day period, so as to avoid eye problems and headache. I found during the editing of lesson 36 that I was getting severe head pain after a couple of hours using the computer screen. I also found that it caused my eyes to lose their ability to focus on distant objects. Apparently I was overdoing it. Of course my health is very important to me so I have started to control the amount of time I spend sitting at the Computer.

My latest lesson is all about news reporting and words connected to it. I thought it would be interesting to do some parts of it in the style of a TV news programme, so I created some news titles and a news company name....DNN, which of course stands for Duncan's News Network. It was strange doing this one because I actually did a little character acting, which I normally avoid doing in my lessons. In the opening part of the lesson, I'm playing a newsreader and the way I speak is quite dramatic and serious. It is quite good fun dressing up and appearing as another person. I can see why actors have such a fun time doing their job.

I have two projects that I'm preparing right now. One of them is lesson 39 and the other is a video celebrating my second year on Youtube. In fact now would be a good time to mention that on 31st October I will celebrate my second anniversary on the Youtube site. I still remember the first video I ever made for Youtube. At that time I was still in China and I filmed around the inside of my home at 1:20am, yes twenty past one in the morning. Now how sad is that?

How little did I know back then that two years later I would be waving hello to people in over 54 countries via the Internet. It still blows my mind to think how much my life has changed because of such a neat little piece of technology. I will not write too much now about this because there will be a special posting here on October 31st and a short video to mark the occasion too.

I was going to write more today....but I always worry that you will become bored with it, so I will end here by thanking you all for your kind comments and personal messages. I do read all of your comments, but sadly I cannot always reply to everyone.

Just one last piece of news. The next lesson (39) will have a different start with a message from someone very far away from me. That is all I will say about that for now.

Ta-ta for now!!



Daniel said...

Mr. Duncan

You're a perfect teacher
I like so much your lessons on youtube

I'm learning english and I'm brazilian ;x my english is not very well

see you!

pyoanne said...

HI Mister duncan.

recently I knew about you by english teacher. surprisingly
he always emphasize that
'use youtube'
'meet misterduncan'
-he's canadian.

I'm korean who learing english.
-korea is next to the china :)

thanks for your fun teaching.
I hope your health also be good.
don't spend too much time on internet, take it easy.
We can wait for you. :D


..^^' bo^.t..^^... said...

Mr Ducan
My name is hien.I am Vietnamese.Have u heard about vietnam ? :)) (Vietnam and China border on each other).I want to say: "thank Mr Ducan so much".u are my best teacher.U help me to improve my English.thanks again

Anonymous said...

Mr. Duncan
Thank you for your work. My name is Pavel and I am from Czech Republic. It is not next to China ;-). Bye

Zahrah said...

Hi Mr.duncan
How are you today
Really , I Like your blog as I Like your Lessons on youtube..
You are amazing man and you should be proud of your self.
I am so sorry about your health.(these are computers and technology.. they are harmful as they are useful)..
I wish to say many things but my english is not very well ,it can not help me to express all things I want to say
but one day (as I hope) I will express myself easily in English
Thank you again Mr.duncan you make the English course is the best for me

Zahrah-Saudi Arabia

Renata said...

Mr. Duncan

I love your videos!!!

please continue with those great videos ok.

u r very funny too. : ))

take care

bye bye