Saturday, August 16, 2008

(((( Break-Away )))

Summer is here and of course that means we all go off on our holidays to some exotic sun-drenched location where we can relax and take it easy. So I decided to go away to...Wales!

Actually it is not as bad as it sounds. Wales is a very scenic part of the UK. Sadly the weather was not very good, however I was able to enjoy some nice bursts of sunshine. As you may also know, I celebrated my Birthday while away and I had decided to make it a very low key affair with not much fuss. The place I stayed at was a coastal town called Barmouth. It is quite popular with those who want a pleasant and down to earth place in-which to let it all hang out!

Needless to say I ate quite alot of food and I had a particularly nice meal at a Public House called "The Last Inn" which was cosy and once again was very down to Earth. The accommodation in which I stayed was perched high on the edge of a Hill called "Panorama View" which certainly lived up to its name. The only negative thing to mention about the room in which I stayed is that the ceiling was very low and there were large wooden beams extending across the middle of the room on which I struck my head many times, due to my slightly over 6ft height.

I managed to do a little filming while away and I recorded some intro clips for my future English Lesson videos, which you will see over the next couple of months. I recorded a greeting video on my Birthday which I posted on my Youtube channel after arriving back home.
All in all it was a nice break and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Since arriving back from Wales I have been setting up my new studio in which I will be producing my video lessons from now on. I had a very big surprise when Steve bought me a big 22 inch monitor for my computer, so I no longer have to squint when looking at the screen during the many hours of editing work. So for the past two days I have been building all the new furniture and setting up the equipment so I can continue editing my video lessons. My holiday is over!

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