Thursday, August 7, 2008

(((((( Technical Stuff ))))))

I'm often asked about the methods I use when making my English lesson videos. Of course it would be unfair to break the spell too much and give all my secrets away, just like a Magician and his tricks. I have been busy in pre-production of Lesson 34, which is proving to be quite a big task.

One of these tasks involves creating a 'Green-screen' effect, which is a clever way of adding in a different background to the on-screen action. So I set up the large screen, which in fact a king-sized bed sheet. It took quite a while to set it up but I managed to get the screen stuck across the large Patio Window at the rear of my house. It was all going well, until a great big dark cloud came overhead and yes you guessed it....A large downpour of rain occurred. So I had to scramble up my small ladder and detach all of the tape that was holding the sheet in-place.

So I had to abandon that idea. I did however manage to make a test shot indoors, although the overall effect was not what I wanted, so I will have to go back outside tomorrow and set it all up again...Let us hope next time, it does not rain!
" 5 days until my Birthday! "


Tetiana said...

hello mr.Duncan.
i`m so happy that i found your lessons of English.
they are very useful!!!
my son and me use your lessons and learn English with a pleasure.
please keep it.
thank you so much!!!


Mansoor said...

Happy Birth day MR.Duncan
Your video are very helpful,educative and invaluable. Keep up the great work sir.
From Saudi Arabia with love

Anonymous said...


Ruben said...

happy birthday, Señor duncan (MR.Duncan), thanks for your useful lessons and for your blog,
Bye bye from Spain.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! ^_^y

i am your ner student in baotou
i like your video very much
it is very helpful
thank you
best wishes for you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mister Duncan!!
I really apreciate all your effort to make it possible for everyone to watch high qualified english videos. Thank you very much for beeing such a generous human being and trying to offer something to the world instead of looking to take something from it!
Kisses from Portugal :)

Law said...

Hi Misterduncan,
that's my first time to visit your website.
I hear this website is due to I search "learning English" on youtube.
Actually I'm China Hong Kong people. I'm bad at English. I always worry about that because there is an English exam in Hong Kong that can determine me whether I can stay in school or leave the school.
So I am so happy when I heard your video on youtube!
I hope your video can help me to improve my English.