Sunday, August 17, 2008

((( Back to Editing ))

So here I am back in front of the Computer, editing what will be Lesson 34 of my English lesson video course. I have now set up the new layout for my studio and everything seems to be working OK. I have installed the new Monitor, which works great. (Thanks Steve!) I also have a new sound system for monitoring the output from the Computer.

I still have my original Laptop Computer that I brought back with me from China. I have now realised that I will need to buy a more powerful PC for editing in the future because now I'm running much larger video and music editing software which is already draining the memory of my trusty little ACER.

Of course that will have to wait until much later. I have already found the PC which I need and it has all the memory space and running power that I need to continue making my lessons. I think it will be around Christmas before I can get it, so for now I will carry on using the Laptop.

So now it is back to the editing!!



TOBU said...

Hi, Mister Duncan ! I'm from Vietnam ! Your videos is so useful for me ! I've love your Body language ! It's a interest help me to learn English !
My English isn't very good ! But I'll try hard !
Thank you very much for your sharing !

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Duncan!! Your videos are greats and it's really interesting for who want to learn english. I would like to if you have any site where learning english people could speak easily? Sorry about my english!!

thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi, you would be able to pin down entirely your notebook's cover if you turned off the microbutton's shut down feature at the battery settings somewhere, if I remember well.

Antonio Carlos said...

Hello Mr. Duncan. Are You OK? I hope so. Are You happy? I hope so. Thank You for your beautiful videos. They are so instructives to me. I'm a Spanish student of English an you aids me a lot with those videos. Sorry for my bad English yet. Thank You for all and ta-ta for now.

Antonio Carlos said...

I can't find Lesson Ten. Can anybody aid me?.

phénicien said...

it's my great pleasur to learn the english with you,your are the most perfect prof that i never see in y life, thank you a lot. i'm just asking ,how can i do to get you videos by order, each time i have to search in all videos to get the concerning one, my english for the moment is also weak, i planned to get more and more with you, thx for your potential help.

simu said...

Hello Mr Duncan. How are you today?Are you Ok?....I hope so!Are you happy?...I hope so!
myself simant i am from India..i really like all the videos. :-) the way you represented the videos was very nice & interesting to watch.I am waiting for new videos to come.
Good bye for now!!
Thank you! Mr Duncan & Mr Steve.
well done!!good job...