Thursday, August 28, 2008

((( August...bye bye!! )))

So we must soon bid farewell to August. Traditionally a happy month for many people because it is the time for taking a well deserved holiday and also the height of Summer. For me it was a month of change. I reached the 2000 subscribers level on my Youtube Channel, which was nice and I celebrated my Birthday in Wales, plus I also put my motorcycle back on the road again so I'm fully mobile once more. (Actually that happened at the end of July). Finally at the end of August I have set up my new studio facilities and upgraded all my equipment. Last Wednesday (20th) I bought a new PC computer, which is more powerful than my trusty ACER laptop. This will allow me to save, edit and render my video clips much faster during the production process of my youtube English lessons.

The only item of equipment that has not been updated is my main video camera, which does not really need upgrading as it performs its task perfectly well as it is. The only problem I face now is storage for my RAW video clips and the finished videos themselves. Right now I have two external hard drives for storage. One holds 250GB of Data and the other holds 500GB. I have already filled up the 250GB drive and have used just over half of the 500GB unit. So I will need to get more storage within the next two Months. Of course I will probably go for a 1TB drive next time, which should keep me going for about ten months at least.

Lesson 34 is now on my Youtube channel and is the first video to have been edited using my new computer system. Yesterday I spent the afternoon writing the script for what will be Lesson 35. I normally prepare between 12 and 15 segments for each lesson. So that will keep me busy for the next few days.

So let us all wave goodbye to August....
What a busy Month it turned out to be!



Colei che... said...

Hi Misterduncan! I discovered our lessons on you tube today, and I'm here to thank you, 'cause they are really interesting and useful to me. :)
I'm glad to read that you have new stuff to shoot more lessons for us.
Ciao (from an italian grl living in Czech Republic), and see you! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi MisterDuncan!!
Hello there, how are you? I wanted to thank you a million times for offering a free teaching online for everyone who wanted to learn ENGLISH all over the world.
You dont look silly Mr Duncan, just a little gesture thats all.
:) :) :)
a Malaysia living in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous said...

Helloo Mr Dancun I'm here just to say thnks alot for wonderful lessons on youtube.really they are are the best mr.dancun.
we waitting the new lesson.
with my respect
Talal from Syria

Anonymous said...

you're great,misterduncan ,im an indonesian and all of my friends do like your lesson,keep in touch,and just like what you say...bye bye from now....