Saturday, December 31, 2011


So we have come to the end of what must be, one of the most traumatic and eventful years for a long - long time. Twenty eleven will be remembered for so many reasons. Most of them tragic and some of them needless. Natural disasters and political unrest, with a smattering of scandal here and there, along with the passing away of some notable people made 2011 the year it was. Of course all of these things occur, but the regularity and impact that these events had on the world, still reverberate now...and will for the foreseeable future. So we wave a slightly relieved goodbye to 2011, what will 2012 have in store for us? Well if I knew the answer to that, I would be on TV with my own show, 'Misterduncan - sooth-seer extraordinaire'. Sadly I do not posses any psychic powers and come to think of it, nor does anyone else for that matter. (Obviously)

January 1st will see in the new year again and I'm sure by now, you must have some resolutions made, such as lose some weight, work harder, make more friends, stop smoking, stop drinking, phone mum, start talking to the neighbours more, be more happy....and so on.

From my own point of view there are many new challenges ahead. Not least of all the one facing many people across the world. The financial crises affecting many so-called 'power' economies will no doubt put an even greater strain on the people living in those countries affected by the 'meltdown'. Needless to say, the UK is one such place. So as to keep on making my lessons and supporting myself, I will need to make some changes and cutbacks. My ideas are big, but the effort (and money) needed to see them through present many obstacles.

But those are for me to worry about and I will not be looking on the bleak side too much, as almost nothing is certain, even if, at times, it may seem so. However one thing is for sure - the following 12 months will present us with some surprises and maybe the odd shock or two, but I like to think that it surely cannot all be doom and gloom. I still believe in maintaining a positive attitude and being optimistic. As the old saying goes...''Hope springs eternal.''

My English lessons will continue and a new series of lessons will begin in February. I hope to do more travelling this year as well. All though that all depends on how other things progress. As we say in English I will 'play it by ear', in other words, I'll see what happens and deal with the problems as they occur. 

For 2012 I have decided to return to writing pieces for my blog. You could say that it is one of my new year's resolutions. So expect regular updates and the occasional comment on what is going on around us and my humble opinion. Whether you agree or up to you. That is one of the great things about sharing over the internet. A force that should never be underestimated. As 2011 has well and truly shown.

I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy 2012.



HUGO said...

Happy New Year 2012 Mr. Duncan! Look forward to read more of your blogs!

Hugo Chicago

gr1603 said...

I am so glad to read again your ramblings. I love Mr Duncan in writing much more than his videos. Your writing is brilliant and exactly what every student of English would expect. I cannot wait to immerse myself in your next post which, as usual, I am sure will offer me many tips on how to make up some good English sentences. Have a great 2012!
Gianluca, Salento (Italy)

gr1603 said...

To Hugo:
I look forward to reading*

Unknown said...

Thank you for your video lectures. I'll be glad to read the posts in your blog. Dmitry (Russia).

Alexandre Rook said...

Mr. Duncan i really enjoy to read your blogs as the words are easy to understand