Saturday, October 15, 2011

<<< OCTOBER 1st 2011 >>>


Ully said...

Congratulations and thank your Mr Duncan, for these beautiful 5 years you were teaching us.
Long life and properous.


Teachers said...

Mr Duncan, You are 'just' AMAZING! I'm an English teacher too and I must tell you that I've never found such a briliant teacher as you in all over the world! I did learn too much with you! In special when we talk about methods of teach ESL. I'm so pleased to be writing to you. I hope you're happy, and I hope you don't stop teaching soon... I'm waiting more lessons as soon as possible.
Teacher Gabriel Vieira de Souza

biren adclicker said...

hi mister duncan!
i'm from nepal.i heartly thanks to u . i have learnt english just seeing ur vdos.thans so much .may god bless for long life!!!!!!!!!