Thursday, February 18, 2010


So as we say a cheery hello to mid-February and with the prospect of springtime just around the corner, now is a good time to begin something new. In my case there are two new ventures. First I have obtained my own production studio, which I moved in to a few days ago. This was not an easy process as I was right in the middle of filming lesson 55, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and did some of the filming during the setting up period. So my months of searching for premises and the many hours trying to explain what I do in a formal way has finally come to fruition. Hat For Rent Productions now has a studio base. From now on all of my filming will take place there. Also I have some nice new outdoor locations to film around and at...some of which you can see in my new lesson, all about love (Lesson 55).

The other big change for me this month will be the launch of my new YouTube Channel. The first new videos will be available on Saturday 20th February. The Channels name is 'askmisterduncan' and will offer my viewers the chance to send in questions about learning English. The e-mail address will be posted on this date, as well as the first (Pilot) edition of 'Ask Misterduncan'. This second Channel will offer a new video every week!

So it is all go for me and no time to sit back and rest. I hope you will enjoy my new work and find it helpful. So the first video will be posted there on 20/02/10. Next week I will be building a new set in the studio, but before then you will be able to see what this new base looks like when you watch 'Ask Misterduncan' on Saturday.

This is an exciting time and I hope together we can all have a fun and exciting time in the world of English!

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buscalia7777 said...

At first time, my best and most sincere congratulations.

I saw lesson 55, and I like the scenes with trains over the bridge. If these are the new exteriors then the next lesson will be lovely.

I'll be glad to view your new work and the new studios.

Long live for Hat For Rent Productions!!! ;-D

Roz said...

"I hope you are too helpful for this world."
--by Roz


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