Monday, June 22, 2009

The future >>>>>>>>

Time flies when you are having fun, so the proverb goes and this month has flown by so fast. It is hard to believe that we have just had the longest day of the year. There is something comforting about seeing a light sky at 11pm. But already we are heading down hill towards Winter, albeit slowly.

Now lets talk about the future of my lesson videos.

Lesson 50 has been on my Channel for about 10 days and the reaction to it has been quite enthusiastic, which was quite a relief to me, as I really thought nobody would watch it. I think the format of this lesson is quite different from my previous ones, with the documentary style and straight faced presentation. I was aware of not making the lesson too funny because the story of Samuel Johnson was one that I wanted to convey in a serious way. Even though I did do a couple of silly bits...talking to the statue, writing a letter to Mr Lomax and my exhaustion after climbing the many stairs in the museum.

So what now? Well as I mentioned in previous blog posts, I want to go back to my very early lessons and remake them, so that they look more in line with my later ones. This will take a few weeks to do of course, so there will not be a lesson 51 for a while.

My next production will be Lesson 2, which I will begin filming at the end of this week. At the moment I'm waiting for some new sound equipment to be delivered to me. As you may know, one of the most difficult parts of filming is getting the sound right. So I have gone ahead and ordered some professional equipment which will allow me to do more filming outdoors and generally improve the sound quality of my lessons overall.

So there will be little time for me to rest, although I'm planning to take a short break next week and will be travelling down to the south-west of the UK for some sightseeing and to catch up with some friends I have not seen for a long time. So that should be nice. I will of course be taking my camera. It seems I have become some sort of mythical beast...half man-half video camera.

Last week I took a ride in a Morgan sports car with Mr Steve. It was actually a birthday treat given to him by a friend. (Just a day in the car) I had never ridden in a low seated open topped car before and I must say it was quite an exhilarating experience. Oh yes I did some filming on that day and the result will appear at the start of a forthcoming lesson.

Back to the present and I have just prepared the new Lesson 2 script which I will begin shooting towards the end of this week. (I already metioned that, right?) Just one more piece of news...As of now I'm working on the early stages of a brand new English Channel, which will be appearing on YouTube later this year. Keep watching for more details !!

Ok...must go!

Ta-ta for now 8-))

(Misterduncan) .................................................................


Irina said...

Hello, Duncan!
Thank you for your 50 lesson!
I like it. Your documentary style is great and musical illustration of the video is amazing!
It was very good idea to make something different for this “golden anniversary”.
We can see now that your serious videos are as good as your funny lessons!!!

Behnaz from iran said...

Hello, how are you today. I hope you are in a good condition. Your lessons are very useful and exciting. I hope that you can keep on them.
Thanks alot.

KONG said...

hey misterduncan!
How are you today?
Are u Ok? I hoooope soooo
Are u happy? I hoooooooooope sooooo
you know, your slogan makes me very interesting, i usually speak this slogan with u when each lesson begins.
Thanks a bundle for useful channel
Hope u have a lot of energy and joyful to product more interesting lessons
Enjoy English!
KONG from VietNam ^ ^

atef hosny said...

Hi Mr Duncan , I'm very pleasure to knew you through YouTube site . you are really very kind person . I've seen you regularly on youtupe site & I hope your effort is giving me the ability for learning English language ...

Finally I love you very much and I ask you that view the grammar lesson with the best way to learn speaking quickly .

شكراً جزيلاً للأستاذ دانكان
thanks for Mr Duncan .