Wednesday, February 15, 2012

'Better Late Than Never'

So this is my first blog posting of 2012. I'm all too aware that I was going to start posting regularly on here from January, but sadly other things got in the way. So as we say in English - 'it is better late than never'. So 2012 is well and truly with us and so far it has been a wild ride. With one thing and another occurring, I have found myself looking for new studio premises, which seems to be taking up more and more of my time. I also had a slight health scare in January, which caused a few worrying moments. However all is fine there now.

You do not need me to tell you that times are tough right now. here in the UK we are experiencing the early effects of the so-called austerity measures that our government is implementing. Needless to say, with rising costs and tighter budgets, I have been affected by this. This is also part of the reason for my move to new premises. There are so many things I wish to do with my English teaching videos, but sadly reality has stepped in and I have had to re-think everything.

During 2010 I set up a PayPal account, which I had intended to use for donations from any individuals or large companies that wished to help out. However I decided against it, as I did not wish to appear to be begging for money. Something I would never wish to do. That is of course, in normal circumstances. However I'm not in a normal situation right now. So I have taken the step of making the PayPal button clickable - here on my blog. (At the top right of the screen)

If you wish to help in some way, then that would be most appreciated. It is a pity that I have got this far and now it all seems to be suddenly coming to an end. That is all I will say on this subject as my pride has popped up and told me to stop writing at this point. All I really care about is continuing my online video teaching, helping those who cannot get access to formal training or expensive materials. The internet is a powerful educational tool, and through it I hope that I can continue to make a difference.



gr1603 said...

Hi Misterduncan,

I don't understand why a very good work like yours should remain unpaid by users. You could ask even a little amount of money for each video lesson. They are worth much more than the little charge which I think all of us could afford. Even writing a good book, e-book to publish on Amazon, for instance, would be a good idea. Personally I feel the need to read your posts because they are really well-written. I'd like to read about your background, your experiences abroad. All of this could be added to a larger narrative picture in which your knowledge of English, its secrets as well as its wonderful grammar structures would be the setting of it.
I guess millions of people would not hesitate to purchase it.

In my view, reading aloud or over helps most of the students of English as a second language to reach more rapidly their goals. You can easily view what is written and focus yourself on how each sentence is structured.

I would have expected you to have written a note on your You-tube Channel too, which is much more followed than your blog here. All of your affectionate followers will understand your situation and do their best to support you.

I look forward to helping you because in fact, you would deserve much much more. Best wishes,


gr1603 said...

I like your blog's new look. I can't wait to read your next entry.

yulidoo said...

Hi MisterDuncan

I think your lessons are very useful, interesting. Many people who can't afford having private lessons need your great job. Your unique method is fantastic.I agree with previous blogger your followers will support you. Best wishes from Yulia

Mister Duncan said...

Good Idea for More New Lesson for Mr. Duncan

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