Saturday, January 30, 2010

Learning English-Lesson Fifty Four ( Winter Snow )

This is my latest lesson. Number 54.
Taking a walk in the English winter wonderland !!


Μάνος said...

it's a realy good lesson for me!!!
thank you so much Mister duncan!!!!

nicola said...

hello misterducan. thanks for your lessons! we love them a lot..i can't wait for your next long lesson!!!!every day i have a look on your channel because i hope to see your new work! Many thanks!!!

maria teresa said...

misterduncan i love you! i mean, you are a great great teacher! how are you? Are you ok? i hope so!

languageleader said...

Hello from Ukraine Mr.Duncan!
I would be really grateful if you could help me to figure smth out.
I hit a lot of books to find the difference when do we use best and the best. So I wonder in what cases do we use deffinite article with superlatives and when we don't.
Hope for your help!