Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Misterduncan's Triple X X Xmas !! (2009)

This is my festive holiday video. It took two weeks to film and edit. All music was paid for by myself...from my own pocket! Feel free to sing along...The words are next to the video. Seasons greetings and have a happy 2010 !!


buscalia7777 said...

Thanks for your present, Mr. Duncan.

We wish you a merry Christmas too!!!

Ully said...

Mr. Duncan

May the love that came from the Hooly Night light all your days, forever...

Hugs to Mr. Lomax, Mr Steve and to you dear teacher.


Ully said...

(correcting word... Holy)

rosa said...

Thank you, Misterduncan, Happy New Year for you too.And thank you very much for your wonderfull lessons which I recently have discovered and which are helping me so much. Rosa.