Thursday, November 12, 2009

<<< The Zzzzzzzzzz Factor >>>

During the 1970's, here in England there was a TV talent show called 'New Faces' and on this show people were given a chance to show off their skill or talent, be it dancing, singing, or telling jokes. Each performer would do their little act in front of a panel of judges and after, these 'experts' would offer their opinions on the act and give it points. Each week a person would be chosen as a winner to go through to the semi final, and so on. It was always a rule on this show that one of the judges had to be really mean and nasty and deride each contestant one by one. This formula proved very successful and many people tuned in, not only to see the acts, but to hear the 'nasty' remarks which the 'evil' judge would make. This show had a good run in the 70's but was eventually axed, due to new shows coming along. However this show was revived in the 1980's and enjoyed a short run, but people were not interested in 'end of the pier' acts anymore. It all seemd so lame, pointless and exploitive.

Now here we are in 2009 and once again the 'talent' show has become king. Once again we have the helpless and hopeless lining up in the desperate hope of being famous and loved. There can be no doubt that shows such as 'X-Factor', 'Britain's Got talent', 'Pop Idol', and...well the list goes on (depending which country you live in) are nothing new at all. The format is just a copy. Right down to the nasty judge who everyone loves to hate. The most annoying thing about this is the way in which it is being hawked as something new and exciting. In fact the TV talent show can be traced back to the 1950's, with a programme called 'The Gong Show'. Where a person would perform their act for a judge, who, as the shows title hints at, was holding a gong. If the act was terrible or boring, the judge would strike the gong and the contestant would leave the stage. Some of the acts on this show were awful, which added to the 'fun' of the show. Seeing someone humiliated on television is always going to draw a crowd. So you see all of this is nothing new. These tacky talent shows have been around for years and programmes such as X-Factor are nothing more than a combination of all of them.

Of course let us not forget the commercial value of these shows. There is a lot of money to be made from them. First from the commercial spots during each broadcast, then the phone voting system, which the viewers are charged a fee for using, and then the winning act itself, which will be nurtured and exploited by the same people who produce the show. If you still think this is worthwhile entertainment, then think again. It is mass exploitation and for the people behind these types of shows, it is very easy money...A win win situation.

If you are under the age of 25, these shows will seem fresh and new and you will be amazed at how a person could come up with such a wonderful shows. But in truth these are all reheated meals...and not particularly tasty ones at that. Sadly these days, television makers have run out of ideas and the best thing to do is remake the stuff that our dead grandparents would sit down to watch after putting our parents to bed. And while we are on the subject of entertainment, it is worth noting that whatever type of music you listen it Jazz, Pop, Rock, or R'n'B. The money you spend on this music goes into the pockets of only two or three huge companies, who now own the rights to most of the music published on this planet. There are no independent music companies around anymore. Just like the television and movie industry....they are all in the hands of a few people. I tried to watch these talent shows, but from them I sense the feeling of 'this has all been done before'. The X-Factor? .....More like the 'Zzzzzz-Factor'. I feel sleepy just thinking about it.

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MQ said...

hehe...I like to read your opinions about the current and hot show. Also I may learn how you express your thinking in english.
Actually, I like American Idol because I find many young contestants are very talented, eg., Anoop desai in 8th season, who is one of my favorites.
Before this moment, I though such shows are something new and fashionable. I even think they are so creative to give more opportunities for common people to find their advantages. In this early year, every week, I could not wait thursday when each episode of American Idol was coming. I felt excited about it every time. That show really made my boring research life more happy. So I think that is really kind of entertainment for me. But I seem not to like X-factor. Sometimes, the act is a little bit horrible to me.