Tuesday, October 13, 2009

<<< Merry Christmas?? >>>

Ho - Ho - Noooooo!

Hi and welcome to my blog. Once again I have gained some new followers, so I would like to welcome you to Misterduncan's blogosphere. October is here and the first signs of Autumn have arrived, with the leaves on the trees turning yellow and the long cold nights once again closing in. Oh and the approach of Christmas has already started too. Each year the preparation for this event seems to begin earlier and earlier. Last year it started around October 20th. This year the shops were already selling the Christmas merchandise by October 5th! For me this is far too early. But I must consider one important factor before I get myself into a tizz. The economic crisis which has continued to grip many parts of the world has seen many businesses fail and flounder during 2009, so I would imagine that the earlier the Christmas shopping begins, then the less of an impact this long-term recession will have on us. This is certainly a testing time for all of us here in the UK. Not least of all because we are constantly hearing conflicting news stories on a daily basis about whether things are getting better or becoming worse. The term 'green shoots' is often used when talking about the recovery. Just like a tiny flower stem when it first emerges from beneath the soil. A green shoot is a sign of new life or a positive change of fortune. Sadly each story of positive change is destroyed the following day by a story of gloom. Things are getting better one day and then the next day, things are getting much worse. This only adds to the confusion and the reluctance to spend any money at all. So maybe businesses and large companies see this Christmas as an opportunity to jump-start the economic recovery. Of course this will mean that many people here will once more get themselves into debt or deeper debt...again!

One thing which has startled me is how we are already being urged to buy products and pay for them over a long period of time. In other words they want us to borrow money. Credit cards are once again being advertised on TV and banks are encouraging us to take out loans and overdrafts. Even my own bank keeps offering me a credit card, almost to the point of harassment. Needless to say I refuse. If I do not have the money, then I do not buy anything. If I cannot afford something, then I save until I can. There is of course a strange irony to all of this. The British government saved many of our banks by giving them billions of pounds, which effectively means that the country has bought them. This money came from the British tax payer. So now we find ourselves in the unique position of owning the very same banks that we bailed out and as if that was not bad enough, now are being urged to borrow our money from them and pay it back...with interest! I have to say that I never thought I would live to see such a topsy turvy financial world as the one we are living with now. So Christmas is coming! Well actually it is over three months away, but shop we must...spend we shall...and everything will be all right. Oh look! A green shoot!



Anonymous said...

Wow, didn't know you had a blog! So nice to be here! I'm also an English teacher, but in Brazil, here I have my own english school and I want to thank you for your insiring videos! They are awesome and my students love them! :) Cheers from Brazil!

gr1603 said...

Hello Misterduncan,
I have been following your videos on Youtube for a long time and I find your lessons to be absolutely superb and helpful to how many want to experience a completely creative learning environment.
Now while I am surfing on your blog I realise how your posts, in reality, isn't other than a second masterpiece of astuteness. My english has improved a lot by your help.
Infinitely thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with all of us.
And undergraduate italian,

Ully said...

Ohhh yes, Mr. Duncan, I do believe that the stores have continues to push Christmas earlier and earlier. I also believe it's a play to get people into the frenzy of buying gifts and things that they cannot afford. I always spend more than I earn. By the end of the month I'm always overdrawn... I know, I know I should try to save some money every month but it's so easy just to spend my whole salary...Because of this I refuse credit card that bank offers to me.
So... Christmas is coming and everything will be all right!!!
Lots of love,

Quy said...

Hello Duncan, I'm here already in London. I wonder if I can meet you when I go to Wolverhampton...I hope I can meet you there, to get more inspiration for my teaching job :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mister Duncan, my name is Robert Luiz, I´m from Brazil and a saw your videos of youtube and I love it all, I´m writing to thank you for the videos and I wait to know you better, because I find you are very nice person and probably a great friend to have on mu own friends, your are clever, funny and certainly very interesting. A big hug for you!
e-mail: rlsweb@hotmail.com

Saving Schools said...

MisterDuncan-thanks for sharing your concerns about income. I thought that you might be independently wealthy or that you had a government grant to do your videos.

Have you considered asking for a government or private grant? Have you considered writing a book or ebook to go with the lessons?

You inspire me with the values your teach, and your enthusiasm for learning. I will say more, soon. Harry in Rochester NY

Saving Schools said...

Dear MisterDuncan, Thanks for sharing your income concerns. I thought that maybe you were independently wealthy or that you had a patron or a government grant. Have you considered applying for a grant in UK or elsewhere? Have you considerd writing a book to go with the lessons?

I feel that your lessons can also inspire English speaking students in the US and elsewhere. You teach basic lessons in life, values, manners, caring, common sense, etc.

I wish you well. Harry in RochesterNY

James said...

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