Friday, April 17, 2009

(( Evil Dictator Of the Week !! ))

Have you noticed how western governments and the media get all excited and panicky over certain countries and their leaders? What is more, these 'bad' people and nations tend to vary from one month to another. For example, during 2007 it was Myanmar (Burma) and Iran who were the baddies of planet earth, threatening the very essence of human freedom and a threat to 'world peace'. During this same time Britain and the USA were up to their necks in two ill conceived wars (or should that be invasions?). We were being told how bad and evil these countries are and how the human rights of their people were constantly being abused and taken away.

Fast forward to early 2008 and suddenly Myanmar had disappeared from the baddie list. The new naughty country to enter the spotlight was Britain's old friend Zimbabwe. Suddenly we were being told how bad and evil the rulers of this country are and how the people are suffering at the hands of a cruel man. But what about Myanmar? Had all the problems there been sorted and had democracy returned to that land?...erm...No! Nothing has changed and to this day, the situation there is the same. It is just not considered newsworthy anymore.

Also at the start of 2008 there were reports of unrest in China, especially in Tibet, where Chinese rule has been around for decades, but the Western media suddenly began reporting on the 'troubles' there in great detail, as if all of this had just begun. Of course this situation has been around for many years, but just like Myanmar, it is not newsworthy until it becomes topical. So 2008 was the Olympic year for China, let's all focus on their problems.

The only slight problem with this was that Western media reporters could not get into the hot-spots of Tibet, so instead they decided to use footage from other areas of trouble. However the big problem was that these places were not in Tibet (They were in Nepal). But when has the truth ever stopped the media from reporting lies? So they ran video footage of the riots in Nepal, but did not mention that they were not in Tibet. Thus giving the illusion of mass rioting in the Chinese region. To make matters worse, the foreign press was also being targeted in Beijing, where Western journalists had been promised complete freedom to report where they wanted. It soon became apparent that this was not the case, with some journalists being detained and their camera equipment being confiscated.

Also during the start of 2008, the Olympic torch was doing its tour, which would take it through many Western countries. This created a real dilemma for everyone. How could China carry out this huge PR exercise, while keeping the western media on its side? What it all came down to was good old fashioned bribery! But this did not involve money, at least not directly. Countries who were going to be in Beijing reporting on the 2008 Games would have to be treated well, if they are going to say nice things about the big birds-nest and water-cube. Also the foreign media became aware that they would have to keep China happy, if they are going to be allowed to sit in the stadium reporting on the event. After all, the broadcast rights and advertising revenue from this event was going to run into millions of Pounds/Dollars. So foreign TV networks stood to make a big pile of money from this 'historic' event.

So as the Olympic torch trotted its way around the world, the western media tried its best to sit on the fence and not pass too much judgment on the torch relays. Although there were moments of negative commentator opinion, especially during the torch relay in London and San Fransisco. First there were the scuffles between the Chinese government heavies, who were seen tackling British and Chinese subjects to the ground, on the streets of London. A sight that has never been seen before and one that caused astonishment to both the commentators and the general media. I actually watched the live feed during the San Fransisco stage and the (BBC) commentator was literally crying with hysterical laughter at the sight of the torch procession going along empty back streets, which was being lead by a huge van, packed with Chinese news camera personnel, all taking very tight close-up pictures, which would be spoon fed later on a plate to the people of China by the government owned Chinese TV station-CCTV. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed and the commentator clearly agreed, while choking through his veil of laughter tears!

So fast forward to August 2008. Suddenly all talk of the chaotic farce of the torch relay had faded and the lucky chosen few broadcasting companies (Including the BBC) were sitting in the Birds-nest stadium. Now let us bear in mind for a moment the sad story of SKY television news, which had to sit in the car park of the stadium and give a rather pathetic description of what they could see...from the car park. SKY television is owned by an Australian megalomaniac called Rupert Murdoch, who happens to own many newspapers and movie studios around the world, including 20th Century Fox. (Yes really!) He is not very well liked by the Chinese, in fact he is quite despised. So SKY television news (SKY is owned by Murdoch) was allowed to be at the opening ceremony of the games, but had to suffer the embarrassment of doing all their live feeds from the car park. While the BBC had their own box and broadcast suite in which to comfortably watch and comment on the stunning opening ceremony, complete with digitally enhanced fireworks and the cute little girl miming to a nauseating sugar-coated song. She was used as a replacement for the original girl, who was considered too ugly to be shown to the fashion conscious western media.

So the Olympic games started and all the bad media coverage was totally forgotten about. 'What a great and historic games...This will put China well up there with all the great nations of the worlds....blah blah blah'. To put it bluntly The west kissed-ass big time!

Skip forward to late 2008. The Olympic games are over and China once again becomes a fading ember in the minds of the western media. The millions have been made, the Chinese leaders pat themselves on the back for a job almost well done and the media companies sit and count their big piles of cash!

Skip forward to the start of 2009. So who is on our naughty list now? Well Zimbabwe makes a return to the list after a short absence, with their elections and reports of intimidation by that 'terrible' man Robert Mugabe. Of course there is another part to this story. While we are criticising countries like Zimbabwe, why are we ignoring all the other tin-pot regimes that exist in Africa? That is easy to answer and it all comes down to our old friend money! Africa is a continent that sits on lots of valuable minerals, including oil. Countries such as Britain and the USA have a vested interest in these commodities and make a very nice fortune setting up companies there, while allowing the individual government leaders to cream a little off for themselves, which is a nice way of saying they are bribed!

It is also worth noting that another close friend of these fat cat African countries is China. They exchange trade, including oil and weapons. China export weapons to Africa and one of their clients is...Zimbabwe! Now for some reason this does not make the headlines on any Western media outlet. However China itself regularly talks openly about their 'special' relationship with African states such as Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Mmmm...That is country having a special relationship with another for mutual benefit...Does that sound familiar? Next time I hear Mr Brown or Mr Obama talking about their special relationship with each other, I shall think of all the other mutually handshaking nations that choose to be best buddies and wonder to myself- 'What are they getting from this?'.

So here we are in April 2009, the world economy has collapsed, trillions of Dollars are being thrown into big holes and the tax payers of the USA and Britain and their children and their children's children will be picking up the bill. But who is the bad country this month? Who is the nasty regime with their finger on the button of oblivion? It is not Zimbabwe, as we have forgotten all about that now. No...the bad guy this month is ding!!...North Korea? Yes this small isolated country is the new big threat to the future of the human race. After launching a rocket that was either a satellite or a nuclear missile test, all the big nations got their knickers in a twist, which basically means the USA. But why was this so? The launch had been well publicised as far back as a month ago. Why all the sudden shock and panic? Why the outrage and fake surprise? The fact is we need to be afraid of someone and it happens that the spinning bottle has stopped at North Korea. After all it is a great opportunity to get everyone panicking, especially as there is not much else to be afraid of at the moment. Even Al Queda has virtually vanished from the radar. (Although it seems Pakistan is now in the running as the new hider of terrorist extremists and baddies) It seems that sand covered plateaus and rocky caves do not make for good journalistic reporting. Hostages being taken in hotels and street battles always get our attention and also the attention of the Western governments and media. So as it stands the 'evil' country list (according to the media) looks a little like this...

1-North Korea
5- Well ....
6- Mmmmm!
7- ........

So that is all.....Of course there are many small countries feathering their nests and allowing their populations to fall deeper into poverty and famine as I type this. But many big (Powerful) Countries are also benefiting from these tin-pot rulers, so it is best that we do not discuss them too openly. That is of course until they serve no purpose to us, or they disobey our high command, in which case we will make sure they go straight to the top of the evil dictator of the week list!

It is also worth noting that Youtube is still being blocked in China...after 19 days! The media in both the UK and USA seem to have let this pass by without any comment at all. However just two days ago the BBC ran a news story telling us all about the benevolent Chinese government allowing Chinese 'peasants' the chance to sit in the now useless and empty Beijing Birds-nest stadium.
It's a funny old world, don't you think?

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Irina said...

Hello, James!
I am not a political-literate person and, unfortunately, I am not competent to comment your message.
To be honest it was a quite difficult letter for students’ perception.
But I understand that you may be getting bored with all this adopted language that you need to use in your lessons to gain a better understanding of students.
I have not enough free time during my workday lately. We have a rising tide of employee layoff and remainders have to work more and more.
But I promise that I will find time to visit your blog and to watch your videos :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mr Duncan.

dyanna said...

I like your blog. I'm waiting for your new posts.

Irina said...

Hi, everybody!
I want to apologize for my mistake!
I thought that James was the name and Duncan – surname.
I attend this blog often, but nobody has corrected my fault.
I found some information about your name :)
I think it will be interesting for everyone to know what it means :)
The boy's name Duncan \d(u)-ncan, dun-can\ is pronounced DUN-kin. It is of Scottish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "dark warrior; brown fighter". A royal name in early Scotland. Literary: in Shakespeare's "Macbeth", Duncan is king of Scotland.



Yelizev said...

Good stuff for podcasts:)
I think, that any worries about the complexity of subject will be compensated for by the joy of having possibility know real English from native speaker.

Yelizev Arthur.