Sunday, March 22, 2009

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So whats new Misterduncan? I hear you ask. It has been a rather hectic weekend. After days of filming and re-filming and loads of editing, my new lesson (48) made its debut on my channel on Saturday morning, UK time. So far the theme of death has been taken quite well. I was worried that the topic would turn people away, so perhaps from my point it was a bit of a risk putting it on. But as I say, 'Better to dare-do than do-not'. So now my thoughts turn to lesson 49, which will be my penultimate video before beginning the remaking of my earlier lessons. (2-6) I have a few ideas for both the next lesson and lesson 50 and I shall begin working on those next week.

I have also posted a video showing me in my garden, feeding the birds. This video was made at the end of February 2009 and was intended to be at the beginning of my new version of Lesson 10. However I thought it was far too long at over 6 minutes to be used as an intro so in the end I just used the last shot of me talking to camera saying the 'world of English' line. So for the new version I simply cut the end shot out and put in a couple of long clips of birds feeding on all their delicious food. This is both subtitled and in High Definition quality.

I suppose at this point it is worth mentioning the move over to HD footage. I will from now on be posting all my lessons and other videos in High Definition. This has been made possible by the fact that Youtube now allows faster caching of the smaller high quality version of the HD video. Thus allowing those with a slower connection the ability to still view my videos with very good quality, without the need to click the 'watch in HD' button. Of course if you are patient and don't mind waiting for a few minutes, I can assure you that viewing the larger HD version is well worth the time it takes for that little red line to grow!  I love filming in HD and I have already filmed many hours of HD footage and re-rendered lots of Standard Definition footage featuring the numerous birds and other animals that have ventured into my garden. This is an ongoing project and will be completed by mid-to-late Summer. 

Also this weekend I went out and bought a nesting box. But this is no ordinary bird house because it has a built in camera and microphone in it, so I can watch and listen to which ever bird decides to move in. I have already had one prospective occupier. A blue tit has been inside twice to have a look around and I was lucky to catch these moments on camera and record them too!

As of now the little fellow has not moved in permanently due to the fact that it keeps on hammering away with its beak on my metal burglar alarm box in the vain hope of actually getting inside to set up its new home. Meanwhile I'm hoping that the little guy or gal will see sense and move into my recently erected wooden nesting box instead. We will see what happens.

OK that is all for now. I'm now editing my next short nature video, which will feature a hole and two cute furry little characters. Although not everyone will find them cute, as you will discover.

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Irina said...

Hello James!

I’d like to say without any delay - your 48 lesson is perfect!!!

One day you told us that you are perfectionist. Now I believe that it’s truth! :)
It is as complete musical composition: introduction, culmination and coda.
But I am afraid that remaking of your old lessons will take you very much time. Consequently you will spend a lot of time in front of the monitor, and this is not good for your eyes.

Take care!

I’d like to say and some latest from me :)
I have lived in Cyprus for 1 year and I couldn’t understand why a lot of people are in love with this dry, green-less island. Now I have deduced my own formula of happiness here. Only in Cyprus you may ski in the morning in the mountains and take a bath in the sea in the evening. You may experience pleasure from the summer and the winter at the same time. You may play snowballs and take a smell of flowers the same day. It’s wonderful!
:) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for admirable lessons!!! (from Kazakhstan)