Tuesday, March 10, 2009

(( The future of my channel ))

So here we are in March already. How time flies when you are having fun-yes? If you follow my Youtube channel then you will know that I'm at the point of making my 48th lesson. This has not yet been completed and it will be a few days before it is posted, mainly due to the awful weather we are having here right now in the UK.
 (I want to film outdoors!)

I have been considering the future of my Youtube channel carefully during the last few days and have now come to a couple of decisions concerning its direction. First of all I have decided to make lesson 50 as my last lesson for now. This mean that after lesson 50 there will be a short break and no further lessons will be made. This does not mean that I will stop making English teaching videos.

I will go back to my early lessons, in particular, lessons two, three, four, five and six. I will remake these lessons using better quality video production and there WILL be subtitles on them. As you may know, these particular lessons are without any full subtitles, so I want to put this right by completely remaking them from scratch.

Of course this will take a few weeks to do, so that is why I'm stopping at lesson 50. This may seem like bad news, but actually it means that new students can watch my early videos and will be able to follow them much easier. After that task is done, I will carry on making new lessons from lesson 51 onwards to lesson 100 !!

So do not worry, even though it may seem as if I have stopped, I can assure you that I have not.
There will be three more new lessons coming soon .....( 48 - 49 - 50 ) and then I will begin re-making the early videos. 

Finally, don't forget that you can follow all of my activity on twitter now. I have recently signed up with a new account and you can log on and join in with the fun. 8-))

Take care for now and ta-ta for now!

(Misterduncan) ............................................................................


Anonymous said...

hi my beloved teacher!
firstly-I'm so happy that you reopened your blog! when I was writing to you on how sorry I was about that fact, I did not count for any action. however, I hope that in a small part at least I also caused that you are still with us here.
I so got used to reading your thoughts and news from your life. when reading I have the only opportunity to know you better. so thanks a lot for your coming back!
unluckily there's also a bed news concerning your lessons. I am so looking forward to watching them and that's why i'm not happy with your decision to remake the old ones. but i'll try to be patient and will be waiting for new lessons.
the only request - if you could upload a very brief video in the meantime - just on the weather in your area or anything else (just to say " ta-ta for now:)- so that we could see you are still there:)

thx in advance

anna from poland

Irina said...

Hello, James!
To be honest, I was ready for something like this!
I think you were under big pressure of all our expectations lately.
We demanded from you to re-open your blog, we have been looking forward for your new lessons.
On the one hand we want more and more lessons from you, on the other – we accuse you of spending a lot of time in front of the monitor! It’s really a very big pressure!
You have the right to rest!
And it’s time for us to go through all your old lessons. I suppose that everyone will pick up new information watching them again and again :)

Edwin said...

Hi Mr Duncan,

I am journalist from Colombia and I work as correspondent in The United States.
Actually, long time ago I began to study English watching your videos. I love it!
Now I'm writting an article about internet's tools to learn other idioms. The article will be useful for hispanic people around de world.
I'm wondering if I can get your email to have a short interview. My email is giraldoruiz@gmail.com

I will be glad to share ideas with yo.

Edwin Giraldo Ruiz

Anonymous said...

hi mster dunca
im from iran..you are sooo famous betwen my freands ....
they also watch your vidoes
english is so interesting with you but with my teacher is soo born...
my favriote teacher is you

farshad from iran

Anonymous said...

Hi Misterducan, I think your decision to remake the first videos shows that you are a smart person because, how you said, this will be very useful for beginners students that want to watch your videos. I wish the best for you. Thanks a lot.

THIAGO said...

Hello Misterduncan...you´re really helping me improve my english...could you help me with the word ''satellite branches''...whats the meaning???

Anonymous said...

Hello Misterduncan!
I Love your lessons and they help me to learn english!!
I have accidentally found your videos, with theese I learned many words!!thanks!!!
You are funny and I think that you are a good teacher!
have a luky in your life!!
Evaluna by Italy

Anonymous said...

Giday Mr Duncan ! You are a very special' breath of fresh air / bright light ...beaming unconditional ...happiness,opportunity,compassion love ,kindness,hope,faith,charity etc. to all.. in a time when the need is GREATEST.
So,to all of us.. who LOVE & Appreciate..Please..CARE.. & +++ SHARE +++ this.. Unique.....**** 'Mr DUNCAN'***(& HIS CHANNELS***)...*** OUR very special *** 'Ray of Sunshine.'***
**** N.B... MR DUNCAN**** PLEASE***PLEASE CONTINUE**** YOUR CHANNELS *** So that we may continue too.. to .. Enjoy & Bathe in Your Wonderful Gifts/Skills/PERSONALITY ...BY Opening Opportunities / Sharing ... "THE BENEFITS ,THE POWER & THE GLORY OF ***YOUR*** UNIQUE** UNCONDITIONAL UNIVERSAL *** LOVE***... "
O.K MATE See ya!

aussie pete T.E.S.O.L