Sunday, August 3, 2008

((((( Wow it is my Birthday soon !! ))))))

It is August 3rd and my Birthday is just nine days away! It is strange how some birthdays stand out more in the memory than others. I think as we get older, there is a tendency to ignore the real relevance of another notch on the slowly withering tree of life. Maybe it is a safety device which is purposely built into our brains to stop us from thinking too much about the futility of life and our inevitable death.

Well on August 12th I will be another year older. I guess that I'm lucky in the sense that I have not had any mid-life crisis which is often characterised with this point of life. I suppose I also should be thankful that I have kept my health and a sense of youthfulness, which defies my true age completely and leads most people to disbelieve my actual age.

I have found an outlet for any possible pent up anxiety and that is through my teaching videos and my goal to give every person a realistic chance to learn English, irrelevant of their background or financial status. This is the reason why I have created the You-tube channel and to this very day is my driving force. Of course I have decided to do it alone, so the task may be too great for just one person, but surely I have to try!

I was asked the other day what I wanted for my Birthday as a gift...and there was not a single thing which I could think of that I really needed. I have clothes, I have food, I have the means to do what I intend to carry out and most of all I have good people around me to encourage me and give me moral support! What more could I ask for?



gorkacu said...

Hi guy! I really like your videos. I usually watch videos on youtube to improve my english level and perhaps the ones you make are the best. I hope you continue making funny videos and enjoy recording as much as I do watching them. Many happy returns of the day Misterduncan!

Anonymous said...

Dear Misterduncan
Happy birthday and congratulations
My best wishes for you and all your family and love ones.
I send you a warm huge from Mexico.
Gabriel Hanel

Nabil said...

Hi Mr Duncan,
How's it going? are you ok I hope so!
Fisrt of all, I want to thank you for all your wonderful vedios. Here in Morocco we enjoy your lesson as you like :)
Take care and Ta-ta for now :)

Nabil From Morocco!

Anonymous said...

Aging is something inevitable that all of us have to deal with. I wish we didn't didn't get older and stayed young forever. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to stop this natural process that at the end leads us to death.

Sometimes I ask myself why we, human beings, have to get older and die. I guess there must be an explanation for that.

Anyway, I think while we are on earth we have to live every single day of our life with enjoyment trying to achieve all our goals which, by the way, can't become a reality sometimes.

There is always something in this life that keeps us encouraged with the willingness to do something we like.

If that is the case, we have to do what we love doing with enthusiasm, irrelevant if it's profitable or not.

Jonny AlgaraƱaz
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia