Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1st 2008


So this is it! My new blog. As nobody actually has this address yet, I find myself in the unusual position of talking to myself. Then again perhaps that is not so unusual after all. I should explain that this blog has been created due to the closure of my previous blog-host site, "Livedigital" which closed down just after the start of 2008. I had been recording my activities since 2004, when I was working in China as an English teacher. In total I spent 4 years living and working in the largest populated country on this planet!

I returned to the UK in February 2007. So by that calculation, I have been back here for almost one year! I had begun to record my feelings about being back in England and express my feeling of how the country has changed...and dare I say, not always for the better!

As well as writing, I also produce videos. I have a youtube channel featuring all of my productions since October 2006. My videos cover a wide range of subjects. I have made short documentary style pieces about my life in China, right up to my experiences back here in England. I also make English teaching videos for student all around the world, so as to help them with their study. I really enjoyed my time in China and I love teaching...even to this day!

I will be publishing extracts from my China blog, as well as writing new bits about the life I have been leading here in the UK for the past 12 months. I hope that you enjoy my blog and you are free to comment or raise topics, should you wish. I do not profess to be always correct. All I can really do is give you the angle from my perspective as clearly as I can. After all is said and done, that is the most we can ever hope to do!


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